Disclaimer of Liability for World Survey 2024

(referred to as "Survey”)


This Survey is provided by GlobalData UK Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales with company number: 05968121 and having its registered offices at John Carpenter House, John Carpenter Street, London EC4Y 0AN (“GlobalData”)for your information only. While GlobalData will make every endeavour to ensure that the content, material and information on the Survey including, but not limited to, any documents available to view, download, and/or documents sent or made available to you (together, the "Survey Content") is accurate, such Survey Content does not constitute any commercial or business recommendation or advice, and GlobalData makes no representations and does not warrant to you that such Survey Content is accurate, complete or up to date. Your use of the Survey and/or Survey Content is entirely at your own risk.

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The Survey and/or Survey Content makes no recommendation or suggestion as to any business strategies, explicitly or implicitly, or concerning viability or non-viability of any business. The Survey Content includes information that has been provided by companies who responded to our related survey(s) (“Related Surveys”) for the purposes of gathering this data, and who met the criteria stated set out within the survey(s) for inclusion within this Survey. It may also include other research and analysis carried out by GlobalData. The information within this Survey is offered to the reader for reference purposes only.

The Survey and/or Survey Content does not constitute a recommendation to the reader to buy or sell shares in any business, nor to engage or refrain in doing business with a company who appears in the Survey. 

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To the maximum extent permitted by the law (and except in respect of death or personal injury arising out of the negligence of GlobalData, or fraud) GlobalData does not accept any liability for:

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