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Issue 642

World Survey 2023

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Technology collaboration and smart recruitment to support accounting business continuity in 2023

International Accounting Bulletin welcomes our subscribers to this World Survey 2023 edition.  

In so doing, I wanted to begin by sharing some positive news that International Accounting Bulletin picked up both editorial Awards at GlobalData’s company Awards in January 2023; the first, Product of the Year – Award for the Editor was awarded for outstanding commercial and content work in developing a new product (IAB Supplements) and the second Values Award was conferred to IAB & The Accountant editorial and sales teams to include Sarajuddin Isar, Joseph Pickard, Santiago Bedoya-Pardo, Sharon Howley, Mary Fashola and Mohamed Ali, in honour of discharging one of GlobalData’s company values – Curiosity – where: 

‘We are hungry for knowledge and embrace innovation. We are open -minded and make fact-based decisions. We are fast flexible and welcome change’.  

Our team is blown-away with the recognition and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank and also similarly congratulate our subscribers and partners with whom we work so very closely all year, for country rankings data and sharing forward thinking ideas. This very close and concerted collaboration makes IAB the unique and leading Accounting title, in bringing the accounting community’s critical Thought Leadership to the forefront, in a timely fashion to our global readership. We look forward to our continued close and mutual support of each other within the accounting and related industries, in raising the bar on our reporting and in creating an inclusive forum for furthering industry objectives across all IAB & The Accountant brand touch-points.

In this World Survey 2023 edition, I have connected with several accounting industry leaders to discuss their plans for business growth. In the feature titled, “Tech and Talent to reshape accounting firms in 2023” respondents point to geo-political conflict impacting energy and food supply, rising inflation, the cost-of-living crisis and cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, causing havoc for commerce and trade. They tell of their technology and recruitment initiatives to realign their investment strategies to counter new market realities.

This year’s World Survey 2023 ranks 51 global accounting Networks and Associations. FY22 saw an increase of 11% in fee income for Networks bringing the total to just over $253,701m, and an increase of 7% for Associations bringing total fee income to just over $32,959m. There has also been significant change in the Network rankings due to Firm movements in the year.

There is the main draw of the global networks and associations fee income and staff tables, as well as fee income tables by service line and by region; there is also a summary analysis of findings from the rankings data that tell of the growth and performance of networks and associations globally; read the tables describing Big Four ranking activity; there is also a report on international M&A activity highlighting trends and undertakings by industry players across jurisdictions.

To accompany IAB’s World Survey 2023, we bring additional value to our readers and partners by way of the WS 2023 supplement, which offers original Q&As, Thought Leadership and case studies by organisations showing the workings of their business strategies and operations.

There will be further opportunity for you to take sponsorship positions within five upcoming supplements through 2023, with IAB’s sister title The Accountant also offering scope for our valued partners to showcase the programmes they are proud of, company milestones, partner and supply chain relationships, new products and brand building through original and exclusive content reach.

Supplement themes to appear in 2023:

International Accounting Bulletin 

June: Audit and Advisory: Topics may include: Data Visualisation, non-traditional risks e.g. climate and cybersecurity, audit skill- sets, attestation around cloud tech and cryptocurrency, greater communication between audit and stakeholders, audit and risk forecasting and efficiencies from cloud platforms. 

September: Cloud: Topics may include: MTD (April 2024) cloud reporting updates, vendors and firms’ investment and integration with partners. 

December: AI: Topics may include: Tech for streamlining processing errors, AI in audit for Predictive and Prescriptive forecasting, VR based audit drones, Forecasting Sales Demand planning, Metaverse audits and Tax Planning and Strategy.

The Accountant 

May: The Developing Accountant: Topics may include: CPD (Continued Professional Development), L&D curriculum for new skillsets, Professional Bodies’ member initiatives, Outreach programmes training accountants from underrepresented communities, University Roadshows and Recruitment for Accounting. 

October: Sustainability – The Green Accountant: Topics may include: Training to meet sustainability standards reporting, Green Finance, Technology vendors delivering sustainability targets and reporting, Regulators and Accounting industry Sustainability Standards Setters directives, Government trade boards on tax incentives for green investors and FDI.

For your feedback on these editions contact:

Zoya Malik: Zoya.malik@globaldata.com
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We look forward to our subscribers’ feedback to this issue, and your future participation.

Zoya Malik, Editor-in- Chief, Financial Services Practice, GlobalData