Morison Global – a year of building better business globally

On 1 October 2021, Morison KSi announced its rebranding to Morison Global. In 2020, the association released a refreshed strategic plan and a new visual identity, with the name change coming as the final piece of the jigsaw. Paul Wan and Kenny Young explain the new market positioning.


ith 2020 being the association's 30-year anniversary, it seemed the perfect time to readdress its priorities and objectives considering its achievements so far.

Morison Global has a rich history spanning these 30 years, which has ensured a strong foundation for a sustainable and exciting future of responsible growth. 

In June 2020, Morison Global presented its refreshed strategic framework which consists of four pillars of commitment, led by a concrete mission. The strategy was a consultative effort with members via workshops, calls and surveys which centred around our core values: Trust, Quality At Our Heart and Collaborative, and reconfirmed the association’s vision as Building Better Business Globally.

Paul Wan, as chair of Morison Global, sees this mission, vision and set of values as "very important concepts for Morison Global and the foundation for how we take our association forward in the future".

He adds: "It was important that any rebranding should reflect the shared common mission, vision, and set of beliefs of the association. It should focus on how members engage with each other to maximise business opportunities, and act as a pathway for members to develop as professionals through shared common purpose and professional expertise."

But above all, this rebrand was to highlight Morison Global’s international reach. With 150 members in over 75 countries around the world, it needed to reflect the association's "global scale and resources", as Herbert Chain, senior director at member firm Marks Paneth LLP (US) describes it.

Paul Wan, chair, Morison Global

New infrastructure and identity

The association implemented a new technology infrastructure at the centre of its organisation, and launched a new visual identity.

Morison Global’s new website and exclusive member area, The Community, were developed as further points of contact for engagement and sharing of knowledge. All this is cemented in the brand’s tagline – Building Better Business Globally. This is the association’s high-level goal to work towards, providing  its members with the ambition and opportunities to grow in a responsibly sustainable way.

The name-change to Morison Global is the final piece of this brand refresh jigsaw and celebrates a fantastic year of achievement. The association has hosted more events in 2021 – all virtual – than in any previous years - increasing connectivity between members without increasing its carbon footprint. 

It has also laid an excellent foundation for diversity and inclusion themes with its first International Women’s Day event, which saw record numbers of attendees from all regions.

Morison Global recently welcomed ACCA chief executive Helen Brand to host a special event on sustainability – a key theme that Morison Global will continue to focus on in 2022 and beyond.

The new logo

Retained ranking

Morison Global has retained its top 10 position globally, recently ranking number one in Nigeria and South Korea. In June this year, Morison Global appointed new CEO, Kenny Young to the association, and in 2020-21 it appointed 12 new directors to its regional boards.

Despite these ambitious and exciting changes, the core values of Morison Global remain the same, with the members at its heart. Young notes: "Our members are the core of the association, and we want to ensure a strong and cohesive global identity to support their collaboration and progressive efforts.

"The rebrand is bound in the association’s long-term goal of supporting its members’ clients’ cross-border needs with superior quality service. This rebrand only strengthens its global reach, diversity and capabilities."

Looking forward with "new branding" and "new focus" leads to a "new world", remarks Andrew Minifie, chair at member firm Fortus (UK). Indeed, Morison Global is now positioned for an exciting phase of growth and development and to deliver its vision – Building Better Business Globally.

Kenny Young, CEO,
Morison Global