Appointing an accountant? How to make the right choice

Joe Pickard 9 August 2021


he Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) has launched a guide for consumers with advice on appointing an accountant or tax adviser.

The guide, What you should know before you appoint an accountant, includes tips on what to look for when appointing an accountant, alongside real-life examples of the damage that can be caused by using unregulated accountants or tax advisers.

The guide forms part of AAT’s Accountable campaign that calls for mandatory membership of a professional body for anyone offering paid-for tax or accountancy services. While only one-third of accountants and tax advisers are unregulated, this section of the profession makes up two-thirds of complaints to HMRC, including issues such as tax evasion and money laundering.

However, a recent AAT survey showed that six out of ten people are unaware that no qualifications are needed to practise as an accountant or tax adviser, and 57% of those surveyed thought membership of a professional body should be compulsory.