The Future of Work

By Zoya Malik April 30, 2021


EAN STEPHENS, GLOBAL CEO OF RSM INTERNATIONAL comments on employee feedback on the new realities of remote and hybrid working

RSM, as part of our digital strategy and strategic business resilience planning, had been preparing to enable remote collaboration and ensure business continuity was maintained for every eventuality. With the onset of the pandemic, this resilience planning was activated almost overnight and saw RSM’s business operations fully digitised. A year later, sees our Member Firms and the wider RSM organisation continue to grow and deliver excellent client service, dispelling any historic assumptions around presenteeism and the idea that great work can only be done from the office.

The societal shift towards remote working has been underway for years due to changes in talent expectations of new generations; however, COVID-19 dramatically accelerated this shift and as a result has opened the minds of many to embracing new ways of working.

Many of our colleagues have enjoyed the flexibility and independence that comes with remote working, while others are keen to mix with their colleagues again and hold face-to-face meetings with clients. As employers, the onus is on us to listen to the voices and expectations of the talent within our workforce and create frameworks that consider the diverse wishes and needs of all colleagues, across different markets with different culture and each Member Firm has the autonomy to decide what works best for them and their people.