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Issue 653 • January 2024

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Happy New Year to you.

The team at IAB welcomes you to its January 2024 edition. We also want to let you know about some new initiatives we’ll be starting this year, where we will welcome your collaboration.

We are introducing two new Country Rankings for 2024, namely Czechia in November and Poland in December. The deadlines for submitting your organisation’s data will be 1st October 2024 for both countries. Please contact our team members for any clarifications and email Stepan.Naumenko@globaldata.com for further guidance.

Additionally there are a number of further IAB & The Accountant themed supplements scheduled for release in 2024, bringing you thought leadership, in-depth industry insights and case studies, and up-to-date views on the changing trends impacting the international accounting market. To contribute to the supplements, contact Mary.Fashola@globaldata.com.

Supplements 2024

March 2024: World Survey 2024
July 2024: Leaders in accounting technology
September 2024: ESG
November 2024: Tax Technology in Accounting

The Accountant
April 2024: Employee Recruitment and Retention
October 2024: Learning and Development in the accounting sector

We are also excited to announce that this year marks the 150th anniversary of The Accountant publication; the profession’s oldest news source, established in the UK in 1874. The Accountant’s tagline in the first issue read, “A medium of communication between accountants in all parts of the United Kingdom”, highlighting just how far things have progressed since then in terms of international connectivity, thanks to advances in technology.

Joe Pickard, Group Editor is proud of the magazine’s heritage, its outstanding legacy and sustained appeal. IAB & The Accountant’s team will keep subscribers updated on The Accountant magazine’s activities and engagements throughout 2024.

To kick off the year, do read our lead feature on Accountancy Leaders’ 2024 Predictions, looking to the year ahead. Also in this issue: with the talent crunch at the forefront of accounting business leaders’ minds, Helen Law, Senior Client Service Director at Jumar, offers advice on what is needed to keep your staff happy with Five considerations to improve Staff Retention;  John McGowan, CEO at HubSync, describes how changing work-force needs are propelling The Necessary Digital Evolution of Remote Accounting Work; With a significant skills shortage putting pressure on cybersecurity teams, Nick Tausek, Lead Security Automation Architect at  Swimlane, discusses how to Navigate Employee Turnover to Defend Against Escalating Cyberattacks; Mike Dean, Managing Director at WhisperClaims reflects on how technology and retention strategies can fortify the accounting profession; Globaldata’s Kris Cooper explores inclusive hiring and how firms can benefit by attracting neurodiverse employees; Kris also sheds light on Evelyn Partners’ acquisition of Harwood Hutton;  Ryan Smith, Director of Customer Success at Suralink, describes its winning partnership with UHY; in a thought provoking comment by its PR manager Cali Sullivan, PLSA highlights good practices for responsible investment; EY’s Paul Goodhew and David Byrd discuss How EY is investing in blockchain and auditing digital assets with its Blockchain Analyzer; and Russell Dalgleish, Chairman at Scottish Business Network, dives into takeaways from an event showcasing Scottish business innovation and investment under a collective vision.

There is also a ranking report on the UK with accompanying fee and staff tables, as well as the usual news round up.

I would like to thank you for your continued interest in reading International Accounting Bulletin and following our rankings reports and supplements.  

We look forward to all our continued collaborations this year. 

Wishing you all the best for 2024.

Zoya Malik