Editor's note

Issue 632 • April 2022

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IAB launched the World Survey supplement 2022 last month to much success, as appreciated by our readers and sponsors. The upcoming HR, L&D, Retention & Well Being supplement is open for you to share your strategic views and new operations and employee engagement and partner services case studies with our readers. To find out more do contact Mary.Fashola@globaldata.com

In this issue, read my interview with Pablo San Martin, President at SMS Latinoamerica who talks about the role of his organisation as a leader in the accountancy sector in the LATAM region, including its part in developing and providing services to SMEs, raising audit standards and training future accountants, as well as ESG advocacy.

Also in this issues, PrimeGlobal’s CEO Steve Heathcote reports on member firms’ initiatives with SMEs to support them in reporting their own GHG emissions; Russell Bedford Brazil experts elucidate on taxation of international payments; Anthony Rose, CEO, SeedLegals describes how the partner programme serves start-up founders and investors in closing a funding round; there is a comment by author Magnus Carter on the relevance of using blockchain for audit; and experts from PracticeWeb discuss upcoming challenges for the accounting profession.

Endemicity is a theme we have been exploring through data and information we have been receiving from the market over the past six months. Endemicity means moving into a post-pandemic state of existence – this is in part from falling death rates with economies and businesses opening up operations – that have had consequences in shifts in strategy and social and business behaviour. Addressing these new shifts, are a feature from TeamPay’s CEO, Andrew Hoag talking about the new realities impacting corporate spending; and further, Ron Frazier at Tradeshift discusses the mind-set changes with the buyer-seller dynamic within the supply-chain relationship.

Do also read ranking reports and tables on KSA and Turkey with further ranking tables for UAE. There is also the usual news round- up.

Zoya Malik, Group Accountancy Editor