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Cultivating Connections: Crafting a Corporate Finance Group within PrimeGlobal

In an era where cross-border strategic mergers and acquisitions (M&A) impact many businesses, private equity firms are intensifying their focus on international deals. Meanwhile, country-specific regulations grow more detailed. Steve Heathcote, PrimeGlobal CEO, describes how the association’s Corporate Finance Group has been set up to tap into the inside knowledge and extensive global reach of member firms and maintain a competitive edge.

As an area where PrimeGlobal already excels, the association aims to further enhance member firms' proficiency in Corporate Finance, while also fostering the sharing and advancement of expertise and skills among professionals. 

The specialist Corporate Finance group has been established to support firms already active in corporate finance services, as well as those keen to venture into this domain and learn more from other member firms who are more established in this area.

Steve Heathcote, CEO,  PrimeGlobal

The group's goal is to create meaningful relationships, explore possibilities for collaboration, and outline a strategy to build a Corporate Finance network among PrimeGlobal's member firms. They want to ensure that they can always help any of the clients of a PrimeGlobal firm with restructuring or M&A.  Clients should not need to go to large networks to obtain personal cross-border advice. 

The group kicked off with its first in-person meeting in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, welcoming all PrimeGlobal members, regardless of their experience in Corporate Finance. The October 2023 workshop titled 'Making Millionaires – Unlocking the Potential of Corporate Finance Services Across PrimeGlobal' saw 28 participants from 13 member firms across six countries come together. The gathering proved to be an invaluable platform for exchanging insights and discussions, setting the stage for potential opportunities and enhanced services within the group. 

At the recent PrimeGlobal Technical Forum in Vienna, key leaders of the group presented 'M&A Opportunities for your clients' to an audience of over 150, enhancing awareness and encouraging collaboration among PrimeGlobal members. The session delved into crucial topics like M&A trends, and prevailing regulations, and also featured a breakout session on aiding audit clients with M&A aspirations, with participants showing great eagerness and interest in learning about these subjects.

M&A Opportunities For Your Clients technical forum

Nigel Barratt, Partner at HURST, highlighted the significance of this initiative by stating: "This group plays a pivotal role in fostering meaningful connections, uncovering collaborative opportunities, and devising a roadmap for establishing a Corporate Finance network within PrimeGlobal. Our recent session at the Technical Forum in Vienna saw over 150 attendees actively engaged, signalling promising momentum. As we forge ahead, we're preparing to unveil a comprehensive plan, complete with webinars and updates at key PrimeGlobal events– exciting developments lie ahead!" 

For more information about PrimeGlobal and the services it offers its independent member firms and their clients, visit the PrimeGlobal website.

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